Where is the liberal civility patrol when Maxine Waters goes on a tirade like this?

In this clip (you'll have to scroll down), Rep. Waters, who would be in line to succeed Barney Frank as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, if the Democrats were to take back the House, calls Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor “demons.”

“Don’t ever let me see again in life those Republicans in our hall on our screens talking about anything,” she says.  Waters says Boehner and Cantor are “legislators who are destroying our country” and care about nothing but defeating “this president.”

Looking to the future, Waters adds that “too big to fail banks” and “all of Wall Street” are “shaking in their boots” at the prospect of her being chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Well, I know I am.

One bank that apparently wasn't shaking in its boots over the prospect of doing business with Rep. Waters, it is worth recalling, was OneUnited Bank, located in the entrenched representatives’ native state of California. Rep. Waters allegedly directed some TARP money their way. And, oh, yes, Ms. Waters' hubby is a stockholder. Federal examiners were “livid,” according to columnist Michele Malkin, over the potential conflicts of interest. The ethics investigation drags on, facing delaying tactics from Waters.

Adding to her suitability at the helm for a highly visible House committee is Rep. Waters' penchant for racial politics. (She once called former Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan “a plantation owner.”) But it is her understanding of economics that would really make her such a disaster on the Financial Services Committee. Rep. Waters, who is "a proud socialist," according to her Wikipedia bio, proposed a trillion dollar government jobs program.

Yes, it was beyond rude and stupid for Fox host Eric Bolling, perhaps inspired by the raw emotionalism on display in the solon's “demon” remarks, to quip that Rep. Waters should “step away from the crack pipe.”

But he has apologized.

Don’t count on one from Maxine Waters.