A few of us have recently written about men on the IWF blog.  I wrote about a claim that men are settling and Libby wrote a blog post this week on men.  It is important to pay attention to trends among young men, which is why I am excited to share that today marks the beginning of the 2012 Gentlemen’s Showcase organized by the Network of enlightened Women (NeW).  The Gentlemen’s Showcase is a contest run throughout the month of March to honor gentlemen on campus and in turn, encourage mutual respect between the sexes. 

It's easy to participate.  Between now and March 31, nominations may be submitted on the NeW Facebook Fan Page.  Any woman may nominate a young man currently in college, and anyone may vote by clicking "like" for a gentleman nominee.  The gentleman whose submission receives the most votes will win a steak dinner for two.  For more information, visit the Gentlemen's Showcase page on the NeW website.

We need to find a way to create a healthier climate for relationships on campus.  Instead of promoting lewd behavior, the young ladies of NeW are encouraging chivalry on campus.  Visit the NeW Facebook page and vote for your favorite gentleman today!