Sandra Fluke has begun—ah—readjusting her story. Ms. Fluke originally told congressional Democrats that she looks around Georgetown law (tuition: $39,000) and sees the “faces of women affected” by the failure of the Jesuits to provide insurance policies with free contraception. In that testimony, Ms. Fluke said she was “here today to share their voices.”

But now Mrs. Fluke is reinventing herself as an advocate for the poor:

I was actually speaking out about students and about low-income women across the country who need access to this care. It's unfortunate that some folks have made it so much about me and my access, because that was not what my testimony was about. And I would encourage people to take a look at that testimony.

Yes, take a look see: here.

The straw man rhetorical device (“It’s unfortunate that some folks have…), so characteristic of President Obama, makes me wonder if Ms. Fluke’s public relations counselor, Anita Dunn, former Obama White House communications director, inculcated in Ms. Fluke a technique from the master. Just asking…

Ms. Fluke has also been widely ridiculed for her statement that contraception costs a Georgetown law student $3,000 for the three years they are incarcerated against their will in the Jesuit institution. It has been pointed out that contraception is cheap ($9 a month at Target) and easy to obtain.

But wait! Ms. Fluke was actually talking about special cases:   

"I'd like to share the response of a woman who saw some of that type of coverage and e-mailed me because it upset her very much," Fluke said when asked about cheap, normal contraption. "She actually has a genetic condition and she's unable to use cheap forms of contraception, less expensive forms because of her genetic condition."

"So for her, her contraception costs $1200. And I think that the point really is that different women have different kinds of medical needs and that requires them to use different forms of contraception," Fluke said.

C’mon, Sandra, this isn’t what you were saying at first.

Why is Sandra Fluke spinning? She is spinning because it is beginning to dawn on Ms. Fluke and her Democratic Party friends that the public isn’t buying their act and perversely continues to view the issue raised by HHS mandate as one of freedom of conscience, not contraception (which, as I said, is cheap and…but I repeat myself).

Ms. Fluke has vowed that Rush Limbaugh’s crude remark, since apologized for, won’t silence her. Here’s my prediction: it is the Democrats, not Rush Limbaugh or the Republicans, who will ultimately silence Ms. Fluke.

Sandra, before you go out on a limb, making statements that have to be—umm—refined for you new friends in high places, you might want to talk to Cindy Sheehan. Ms. Sheehan knows what happens when you are no longer useful. She may be hard to find. I'll bet Sheehan's former friends have lost her phone number.