President Blameless is right that he isn’t entirely responsible for the current gasoline prices. But his policies will create high prices in the future, and, besides, as Charles Krauthammer points out, we already know how the president feels about fossil fuels:

Yes, of course, presidents have no direct control over gas prices. But the American people know something about this president and his disdain for oil. The “fuel of the past,” he contemptuously calls it. To the American worker who doesn’t commute by government motorcade and is getting fleeced every week at the pump, oil seems very much a fuel of the present — and of the foreseeable future. …

Obama boasts that on his watch, production is up and imports down. True, but truly deceptive. These increases have occurred in spite of his restrictive policies. They are the result of Clinton- and Bush-era permitting. This has been accompanied by a gold rush of natural-gas production resulting from new fracking technology that has nothing at all to do with Obama.

“The American people aren’t stupid,” said Obama on February 23, mocking “Drill, baby, drill.” The “only solution,” he averred in yet another major energy speech last week, is that “we start using less, that lowers the demand, prices come down.” Yet five paragraphs later he claimed that regardless of “how much oil we produce at home . . . that’s not going to set the price of gas worldwide.”

So: Decreasing U.S. demand will lower oil prices, but increasing U.S. supply will not? This is ridiculous. Either both do or neither does. Does Obama read his own speeches?

It is scandalous that the president of the United States, hailed for his eloquence, can deal with the crisis only through mocking and derision. Republicans are not flat earthers because they want us to be able to obtain a fuel that, far from being obsolete, is essential to our national wellbeing.

I can’t find a link but I found the president’s sarcasm when he said we are doing plenty drilling in this country, but not in the middle of a mall and not in your house, an example of his off-putting petulance. The president said (quoted from the Examiner article to which I linked above):

"Every time prices start to go up — especially in an election year — politicians dust off their three-point plans for $2 gas," Obama said. "I guess this year they decided, we're going to make it $2.50. Why not $2.40? Why not $2.10?"

"I guess we could try to have, like, 200 oil rigs in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay," he said.

But he knows (doesn’t he?) that nobody is asking for 200 oil rigs in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay.  Krauthammer gives some tips on where oil rigs could be put: off the coast of Virginia (a state begging to do this), off the coast of Florida (why leave the oil to the Castro regime?), in the Gulf of Mexico, on federal lands in the Rockies (where leases are down 70 percent since Obama was inaugurated.

And my own, personal favorite:

…in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (more than half the size of England, the drilling footprint being the size of Dulles Airport)

No, the president is not entirely responsible for this fuel crisis. He is looking ahead, creating shortages for the future, but—don’t worry—by then Solyndra will be selling solar panels. Oh, wait…