Apparently, the United Nation's doesn't consider the nearly one billion starving people in the world to be a priority. Instead, the UN has turned their attention to obesity

I'm sure many in the Obama Administration approve of such mission creep.  After all, the rhetoric out of Washington has labeled obesity both an "epidemic" and a "national security concern." The former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Julie Gerberding, even compared obesity to a worldwide pandemic, saying: "If you looked at any epidemic — whether it's influenza or plague from the Middle Ages — they are not as serious as the epidemic of obesity in terms of the health impact on our country and our society."  And of course current HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius has said obesity is worse than cancer.  Wow.

Now the United Nations is hopping on the anti-obesity bandwagon, calling American's freedom to eat whatever they want a…wait for it…human rights issue.

You heard that right.  According to the UN's somewhat ironically titled Special Rapporteur On the Right To Food, Americans should really only have the "right" to certain kinds of food.  Maybe it's time to change his cute little title to Special Rapporteur On the Right to Food We Think You Should Eat Because We're So Much Smarter than You. 


Mr. Smarty Pants Rapporteur then suggested that governments have a duty to regulate the food system. In fact, he thinks the food industry might just be guilty of human rights violations because they, well, produce delicious snack foods.  Lucky for food manufacturers, he's not suggesting a vacation to the Hague, instead he's suggesting governments should ban trans fats, regulate the marketing of unhealthy foods and encourage the spread of farmers markets and other access points for fresh produce.  He also suggests everyone's favorite failed food measure–taxing sodas and snack foods. 

If you didn't already think the United Nations was a joke of epic proportions, maybe the addition of eating potato chips to the UN's list of human rights abuses will finally change your mind.