Perhaps you already suspect that when some folks say more women should be elected to public office, they don’t mean you.

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem confirms this suspicion in a recent interview:  

Q. What if it's a conservative Republican woman who gets elected? How would you feel?

Steinem. I would be totally against her. The women's movement in England was totally against Margaret Thatcher. She was a disaster. . . .

In the same interview, Steinem talks about Rush Limbaugh (he probably had a childhood trauma that made him mean) and the supposed GOP “war on women” (Steinem thinks it is real). Steinem is then asked for words of wisdom for younger women:

Q. In a sentence, what is it that you're trying to tell younger women? What knowledge are you trying to impart?

Steinem. Trust themselves. I'm not trying to tell them what to do. I can't know. They live in the future. But I want them to trust their talents and their instincts and what they love to do and their fairness that kids just have. I just want them to trust themselves and support each other.

I guess this doesn’t apply to women who find themselves attracted to conservative ideals. Those women should trust Gloria.

Thanks to Kathryn Jean Lopez for spotting this. Kathryn Jean notes:

“War on women” rhetoric is an attempt to skirt the real fundamental issues at hand. A transparent debate might not bode well for the feminist establishment…