While the White House desperately paints any effort to control the size and scope of government as a “war on women,” it seems the White House has a woman problem of its own. Reports are revealing that the average female employee for the White House earns about 18 percent less than the average male employee. 

It’s delicious, of course, as the Left prepares to celebrate “Equal Pay Day,” the feminist-manufactured holiday that supposedly represents the day when women have finally worked long enough to make up for last year’s wage gap, to have the White House face questions about its own pay practice. 

I’m here to help. The White House’s wage gap is in line with the nation’s as a whole, as the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows full-time working women earning about 81 percent of the earnings of a full-time working man.  The statistic being reported about the White House staff (just like with the national-wage-gap data) is just a comparison between all men and all women employees — it doesn’t control for the position held, years of experience, or any other factors that affect how much someone earns.

I bet that, just like with the national data, the wage gap shrinks and may even disappear when such factors are taken into account, and that the White House isn’t the hotbed of discrimination that this statistic suggests. The president should keep this in mind when he goes to make any proclamations about Equal Pay Day next Tuesday.