The Obama campaign should be appalled by these comments, especially as Democrats are trumpeting this absurd "war on women" narrative.

Women like Rosen – and many in the Democratic Party – view the "misguided" choices of women like Ann Romney as the greatest threat to feminism today.

More and more it comes out that traditional feminists are angry at women who have failed to make the choices they think they should make. The fact that some women may not choose to pursue the fast track to the C-suite, or that some women may enjoy being a wife and mother more than having a career outside of the home, is quite simply not acceptable to women like Rosen.

In fact, women making the “wrong” choices have put at risk the newest trend in feminism: the push for full parity in men’s and women’s choices.

Perhaps the Obama campaign needs to be reminded that feminism is about establishing equality under the law. Now that we have that, they’re going to have to accept the fact that all women don’t want the same thing.