This past Saturday, voters in Utah’s 4th Congressional District elected Mia Love, as the Republican nominee, by a margin of 70%. 

If Ms. Love wins the general election against six-term Democratic incumbent Jim Matheson, she will become the first black female Republican to serve in the House of Representatives.   

During her campaign, Love stressed that “what makes America great is this idea that we are free — free to work, free to live, free to choose, and free to fail, because our failures make us better.”

As a daughter of Haitian immigrants, Ms. Love understands firsthand the importance of freedom and the opportunities it provides.  She identifies herself as “a product of the American dream,” and she seeks to preserve that dream for future Americans by emphasizing fiscal discipline, limited government, and personal responsibility.

In the midst of the demagoguery and political rhetoric surrounding the war against women narrative, Ms. Love’s nomination serves as a refreshing reminder that women are just as much the beneficiaries as men of a system that promotes limited government and free enterprise. And that—despite what the media would have you believe—not all women think alike.