Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration released its 2012-2016 strategic plan.  Made up of 7 program goals, program goals 4 and 5 should have advocates of food freedom shaking in their boots.  Let's take a look:

Program Goal 4: Provide accurate and useful information so consumers can choose a healthier diet and reduce the risk of chronic disease and obesity
Objective 1. Update the Nutrition Facts label.
Objective 2. Implement menu and vending machine labeling regulations.
Objective 3. Improve consumer access to and use of nutrition information.

Program Goal 5: Encourage food product reformulation and safe production of dietary supplements
Objective 1. Reduce sodium content in the food supply.
Objective 2. Reduce industrially produced trans fat in the food supply.
Objective 3. Improve the safety of dietary supplement products and the supply chain.

Predictibly, the FDA is ignoring the latest research on these particular subjects.  Reseach that shows menu labels are ignored, salt consumption is not responsible for cardiovascular disease, and that food producers are already voluntarily reducing trans-fats in their products as well as developing whole new lines of products to meet the individual health needs of Americans. 

Read the entire depressing strategic plan here