I stumbled upon a sickening new page from the Obama 2012 campaign: The Life of Julia

The (very well done) infographics explain to me how – from cradle to grave – the President is caring for me.  Great, I will sleep so much better tonight knowing he's taking from others to give to me!

Women should reject this kind of pandering.  Not only does it reveal the vast array of expensive entitlements offered to Americans at every age; it singles women out as especially needy of such big-government help!  The underlying assumption (that women can't care for themselves) is a sexist assumption that pits women as victims – helpless, weak creatures in a world dominated by men.

Wake up, Mr. President!  Women were well on their way to ruling the world before you ever took office.  In fact, some of your programs directly undermine women's progress, by making our employment (and our health insurance!) more expensive.  

Funny, the story of Julia's life doesn't mention her parents or grandparents, her husband (or partner?) or the father of her child (Zachary).  It also fails to mention her church community, or the many local charitable organizations that could perform similarly helpful roles in her life.  That's because Obama's vision of America cuts out the important institutions in civil society that allow people to be interdependent without relying on government force.

My only hope is that the Romney campaign won't also stoop to this type of sexist propaganda as well.  The response of the Romney campaign – and anyone who realistically recognizes the great capabilities of the female sex – should be to say that government needs to do women no special "favors."  Women are just as capable as men of taking responsibility for ourselves, caring for our neighbors, and making smart decisions about our careers, families, and futures.