Yesterday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill to expand the state’s existing Empowerment Scholarship Accounts program to include tens of thousands of more children.  Matt Ladner of the Foundation for Excellence in Education has the details over at Jay Greene’s blog:

The bill signed today expands eligibility to children attending D and F rated schools and school districts, the dependents of active duty military personnel and children that have been through the foster care system. The law also moves to a system of formula funding, making it one of the largest private choice laws in the nation with funded eligibility, behind only the new Indiana and Louisiana voucher laws on a percentage basis. The Arizona program now resembles an expanded combination of the Florida McKay and Opportunity Scholarship programs with the 21st Century twist of broadening the options of parents and requiring the consideration of opportunity costs (what you spend now cannot be saved for later).

A special congratulations to our friends at the Goldwater Institute who have long been championing the cause of educational freedom!