has revealed that President Obama’s former literary agent described him as Kenyan-born in Kenya in a bio that was publicly available as recently as 2007. 

The real story in this revelation isn’t that President Obama is actually foreign-born and therefore should be ineligible for the presidency.  The literary agent explains that this fact on the bio was an error.  Fair enough. 

The real question is how are we just seeing this now?  How has the mainstream media missed this when they were supposedly looking into the background of candidate Obama? 

Jonah Goldberg recently wrote that Romney needs to be prepared for the press to work actively to re-elect the President.  As he notes, the Washington Post ran a front-page expose about Romney’s alleged bullying of a (presumably) gay classmate in high school, but they have failed to follow up on missing years, which include episodes of drug use, from President Obama’s more recent past.  This new bio is just more evidence that the press really isn’t interested in exploring any facts that might be unhelpful to their guys (the Democrats) and that too much of the media is not at all interested in the public’s “right to know.”