Before starting any statement or blog about this politically-charged topic, it seems necessary to head off critics with an obligatory explanation of what this discussion is not about. 

Contrary to Democrats’ spin (which the media lapped up), this has nothing to do with one’s attitudes toward birth control.  Not that it should matter, but I’m not Catholic and think birth control is a-ok.    

I also don’t think my set beliefs should be imposed on anyone else, and understand that some religious groups object to birth control.  That is their right.  It doesn’t harm anyone.  And they shouldn’t be forced by the government to take action that violates their core beliefs. 

This idea is central to the case that Catholic groups are bringing against the Administration as they seek relief from the requirement that they must offer health insurance that covers reproductive procedures that conflict with Catholic teachings.  It doesn’t matter that we happen to be talking about Catholics and birth control.  It would be just as objectionable to outlaw beards or force everyone to eat ham on Fridays. 

One can look at this is a key test case on just how seriously America takes the concept of religious liberty.  Yet I’d hope that people would take it a step further, and consider just how incredibly nosey our government has become, which is what created this problem in the first place. 

How on Earth have we reached the point when the federal government is making such sweeping pronouncements about what must be included in the health insurance coverage purchased by 300 million Americans?  Why have we accepted the idea that it’s any of government business?

Rejecting this so-called “contraceptive mandate” would be a win for religious liberty, but it should just be the beginning of rolling back government’s intrusion in private life.