We thought former CDC head Julie Gerberding won the award for most hyperbolic statement about obesity. You might recall that she said the obesity "epidemic" was worse than the black plague.  No, no, she wasn’t referring to some new ride at Disney World; she was talking about that 13th century pandemic that reduced Europe's population by a full 50 percent in the span of two years (think mass graves!).

But now it appears Gerberding has a little competition. This week, Michelle Obama's head food nanny, Sam Kass, told a group of health professionals that "obesity may be our nation’s greatest national security threat." 

I'm not sure much time needs to be spent refuting this claim. The most ill-informed person knows that's just a bunch of baloney.  But I will say this directly to Sam: We're starting to worry about you. We think it might be time to take a day (or 365 days) off. Get outside. Take a deep breath. Get out of Washington. Talk to some normal people.  Make yourself an Ovaltine and get some rest.

You've clearly lost touch with reality.