Hustler magazine created a fake graphic picture of conservative commentator and writer, S.E. Cupp.  Cupp is understandably horrified, and expressed her outrage in this article.  She notes that at least Hustler was explicit in admitting that it’s a fake, and that they are targeting her because of her conservative views. 

It’s tempting to write all the reasons why Cupp doesn’t deserve this.  She’s a kind, smart young woman who has written two books and is a great spokeswoman for the causes and positions she supports.   Yet none of that should matter, because even if she was none of those things, it would still be completely inappropriate for her to be attacked in this manner. 

Cupp predicts that there will be no outrage on her behalf among the mainstream media such as that which followed Rush Limbaugh’s (comparatively tame) insulting of Sandra Fluke, or that would flow from a similar attack on a liberal public figure.   Yet I’m hopeful that Cupp will be wrong on this point:  She doesn’t think NOW will denounce it.  I’m hopeful that liberal women will speak out against this.  We all may have our disagreements about matters of politics and policy, but surely anyone from any walk of life who claims to be a feminist and wants women to participate in the public dialogue will recognize that this is beyond inappropriate and needs to be categorically denounced.