By 2014 Congress will have spent nearly $1 billion on programs to get students to bike to school. Apparently the principal of Kenowa Hills High School in Walker, Michigan didn’t get the memo.

As part of an end-of-the-year prank, seniors met at a local ice arena an all biked to school together—cheered on by their parents and accompanied by a police escort and Mayor Rob VerHeulen, who provided donuts.

Principal Katie Pennington was not amused and suspended 64 members of the senior class for posing a “safety risk." No word yet whether police officers, parents, and the mayor have received their detention slips.

Stephanie Rasch, one of the suspended students, explained, “I understand her position as the principal she needs to be in charge of all of us…But it’s really not her worry how we get to school.”

Principal Pennington has since apologized, but as the Education Action Group concluded, “This is just another example of an overbearing school administration trying to control students outside of the school building.”