New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday announced his intention to ban sodas and sugary drinks in New York. In a moment of kindess toward his flock, he will still allow New Yorkers to drink 16-ounce servings of sugary drinks and sodas. Gosh, whatta guy!

It's important for everyone to take a moment to let this sink in. The proud city of New York–a cultural and culinary mecca–is putting in place an all-out, city-wide ban on sugary drinks?  Of course, Mayor Bloomberg claims this is all part of an altruistic effort to reduce obesity among New Yorkers, but the data on how poeple eat just doesn't match the regulation.  Data clearly shows that soda consumption is down in America and according to the CDC's own data, beverages only constitute a small percetage of the total calories consumed by Americans each day.

Of course, these small details (normally called facts) mean nothing to Bloomberg who is determined to control how New Yorkers eat.  His successful campaign to ban trans-fats and to require restaurants to list calorie information on their menus as well as his highly public public relations smear of salt should have been a clue to New Yorkers that Bloomberg has high ambitions to poke around in people's personal health and food decisions.

The question all New Yorkers should be asking themselves is, "What's next?"

It might be time to start hoarding those favorite snacks and candy treats.