Clearly inspired by New York city Mayor Bloomberg's brave, brave move to take on Captain Big Gulp, Cambridge, Mass Mayor Henrietta Davis has introduced a city-wide soda ban saying: "When people are served these gigantic portions of soda in bottomless cups, sometimes it’s just more than people are able to resist." Ah, yes, there's that familiar "people have no control" refrain. Mayor Davis clearly has no confidence in the 100,000 residence of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She probably thinks those who attend Harvard, which is located in Cambridge, simply don't know that soda has calories.

But there's still time to convince Mayor Davis that these measures do no good.  Maybe some super smart Harvard student could point out these simple facts:

1) Soda consumption has declined in America for over a decade.

2) Bottled water sales are up.

3) the largest consumers of super-sized sodas are boys, aged 12-18–why punish everyone for the actions of teenage boys?

4) Most states that have soda taxes still rank among the country's most obese. In other words: soda regulations don't work.

5) there have been exactly ZERO studies linking soda consumption to obesity.