Will the Arizona decision boost Obama?

Democrats are great at playing identity-politics, so some will try to spin the SCOTUS decision as a boon for President Obama with Latino voters. The reality is we still have roughly 12 million illegal immigrants in the country and a need for an honest discussion about comprehensive reform.

The bigger issue is that this decision doesn’t eliminate the fact that there is more than 30 percent unemployment in the Latino community. When Mr. Obama was running for office he promised to make immigration a top policy priority; but last week’s Executive Order was the first time he’s addressed the issue in almost four years. Democrats may be hoping to use the SCOTUS decision as a political tool, but the reality is that Hispanic voters are not a monolithic voting bloc when it comes to immigration. And more importantly, they want the same thing all Americans want – economic growth and job creation.

With an election just five months away, President Obama is looking for a quick “fix” on a serious and complicated issue. But bypassing Congress and issuing a temporary EO that provides no certainty for immigrants looking for an honest and clear path to citizenship, or for businesses interested in hiring immigrants, isn’t the answer.