I'm not a lawyer which is nice on days like today. Instead of doing a proper lawyer-like analysis of the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare, I can just rant in a somewhat irrational way and focus on what this ruling means for me and my family. 

I can focus on things that are important to me, like the fact that my parents are aging and will now face their last years — years where they'll likely need more medical attention — under a socialized system.  Perhaps they'll face the "death pathways" recently uncovered in the UK's socialized medical system, where doctors were prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they were difficult to manage or to free up beds.

Today, I won't read the court's ruling. Instead, I'll worry about my husband and hope that his excellent health continues. I'll try not to think about the situation in the UK where the Health Secretary has had to intervene after doctors admitted in a large survey that the pressure they feel to save money has led them to restrict access to some medical procedures.  I'll make double sure he wears sun block when he mows the lawn because a severe sunburn as a child makes him more susceptible to skin cancer and I might watch out the window when he leaves in the mornign to make sure he puts on his seatbelt.

But mostly, I'll think about my three young sons and the medical system on which they'll rely. I'll hope and pray (as I normally do) that they don't get sick — particularly under this new system which will lead to doctor shortages, diminished hospital care, rationed treatment, shortages of medicine and a frightening decrease in private investment in medical research.

It will make for some sleepless nights.