Supreme Court Upholding Health Care Reform
Sets Dangerous Precedent

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today the Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision on the president's signature health care law – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – upholding nearly all of the controversial health care reform law, sustaining the individual mandate provision as a form of tax, with the exception of the law's expansion of Medicaid. The vote was 5-4 to sustain the individual mandate as a form of tax. 

Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) is proud to have filed an amicus brief in support of the law’s challengers.  IWF has followed and supported the suit since it was filed in 2010, tracking it and reporting its progress on our Web site,

Senior Policy Analyst and manager of Hadley Heath of Independent Women’s Forum released the following statement:

The Supreme Court’s decision today reflects the current Court’s philosophy that there are no real limits on what the federal government can force you to do — setting a disturbing and dangerous precedent. 

The ruling today depends on an interpretation of the health insurance market as “unique,” but in reality this sets a dangerous precedent by allowing for the violation of individual constitutional rights for a vaguely defined exception.  Sadly, we can expect this to be expanded and replicated in other industries, other laws, and other future abuses of government power. 

The President's health care law takes control out of the hands of American individuals and families and puts control in the hands of bureaucrats in Washington.

Americans have the right to make their own health care decisions and not be coerced by Washington to buy insurance that is unsuitable for their personal needs and wants. IWF will continue to work to fully repeal this unpopular, unworkable, and irreparably broken law.

Today’s ruling will be cited in future briefs untold by those who seek to trample freedom. 

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