The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare) massively expanded government’s role in our health care system, micromanaging the practices of the insurance industry and mandating that individuals purchase and employers subsidize government-approved insurance. 

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold this vast expansion of government power.  Yet the law remains unpopular, and many Americans would like to see Congress repeal ObamaCare, go back to the drawing board and implement different health policies.

Indeed repealing ObamaCare has to be a first step toward positive reform of our health care system.  After repeal, policymakers should focus on returning control of health care decisions to patients and their doctors to help create a robust, competitive health marketplace. 

We should end the bias toward employer-sponsored insurance by allowing people to purchase any insurance plan with pre-tax dollars.  Then the market would respond to the preferences of many more decision-makers, not just employers. 

States should also roll back coverage mandates, because they stifle competition and raise premiums.  Individuals and families know best what coverage they need, not the government. 

And finally, imagine multiplying your health insurance options fifty times.  Allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines would do just that, leading to more robust competition, more options and lower prices. 

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