National Conference of State Legislatures education policy specialist Daniel Thatcher has created a website tracking states’ Common Core National Standards legislation. As Education Week reported, “So far, the tally this year is 100 bills related to the common core, introduced in 36 states. Out of those 100, 39 have been enacted into law.”

It’s important to keep in mind, as a recent report from the Brookings Institution noted:

In the U.S., advocates of a national curriculum have for years pointed to nations at the top of TIMSS and PISA rankings and argued that because those countries have national curriculums, a national curriculum must be good. The argument is without merit. What the advocates neglect to observe is that countries at the bottom of the international rankings also have a national curriculum. (p. 30 of pdf)

Unlike other countries, a national curriculum masquerading as common core standards is unconstitutional. (See also here, here, here, and here.)