IWF has long written about how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been harmful to the economy and the wallets of average Americans. But did you know the EPA is harmful to your health, too?

In its rush to protect the ozone layer, the EPA issued sweeping rules phasing out the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which has actually ended up banning a number of asthma inhalers. Take a deep breath and let that settle in (well, if you’re able to without that inhaler.)

Congress is holding a hearing today on this because as it turns out, the EPA has issued a number of waivers for expensive prescription inhalers, but not the one over-the-counter inhaler.  (Hardly a surprise given this Administration’s track record in handing out ObamaCare waivers)

It’s bad enough that Americans can no longer purchase OTC drugs with pre-tax dollars (thanks, President Obama) now our drug options are being artificially restricted as well.  Obviously, many people use OTC drugs because prescription drugs are more expensive and require a doctor’s visit to obtain a prescription.

As we all know, the cost of health care is only going to rise because of ObamaCare – while access and quality are sure to decrease.  It’s frustrating that the EPA is compounding that problem by making it more difficult for individuals to access affordable treatments on their own. 

It’s also bad enough that this Administration has been in the business of picking winners and losers in the energy markets and automobile industry (rewarding political contributors and unsurprisingly garnering a track record of hideous investment choices).  But it’s absolutely appalling that they’re doing so in health care, too, and only applying regulations to some companies and not others.   

Regulations make products and treatments more expensive and harder to obtain.  They should only be used when they are truly needed and further a legitimate public concern.  Issuing regulations and then handing out waivers is crony capitalism at its worst, and all Americans should demand that the practice stop.