Sandra Fluke is a Sideshow and Distraction

Kafer: “President Obama’s entire approach to attracting the female vote in Colorado lies below the belt, literally.

(DENVER, CO) – Today, Krista Kafer of Colorado's Future Project (CFP) blasts the Obama Campaign's use of Sandra Fluke, the 2012 Georgetown law graduate and free contraception crusader, and birth control as a patronizing and offensive way to reach women in her hometown of Denver. 

Krista Kafer, executive director of Colorado's Future Project and a single women, issued the following statement:

“President Obama’s entire approach to attracting the female vote in Colorado lies below the belt, literally.  It is insulting to all women that politicians think that they know what we want and need.  Women are interested in much bigger things than 'free' birth control and the kind of cradle-to-grave policies that the president has advanced in the name of 'protecting women.'  Much like the rest of Americans, women want available jobs, a strong economy, education and affordable home values for starters.

“Everyone knows there’s no such thing as 'free” benefits;' prescription costs are rolled into higher premiums.  Rising costs and the loss of employer-provided health care are hurting women across the state. We shouldn't celebrate government running over the rights of women.  Politicians need to get out of our health care decisions.

"Bringing Sandra Fluke to Colorado is a sideshow.  Ultimately it's a distraction to the real issues our country faces: a national debt nearing $16 trillion, an unemployment rate that remains above 8% and a stagnant economy.   The trillion dollar deficits, bail-outs and failed stimulus plans have failed to improve the economy, home values and job prospects for women."


Drawing from her experience as a Colorado native and from the years she spent in Washington, D.C. analyzing government policy, Krista Kafer’s goal is to provide other women information and resources about issues that impact their lives. Politicians and special interest groups are spending millions to convince women that more government control is in their best interest. Kafer is here to tell the other side of the story.

Colorado’s Future Project is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) research and educational outreach project supported by the Independent Women’s Forum.