Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student and free contraception activist, is scheduled to introduce President Obama tomorrow in Denver.

Here is how USA Today describes it:   

The Georgetown law student thrust into the center of a debate about President Obama's policy on contraceptives will be introducing him tomorrow in Denver.

Whoaa! “Thrust into the center of the debate”—Not! Our Sandra very much sought to become part of the controversy, as is her right, but, it should be noted that, if anybody did any thrusting, it was Ms. Fluke. She first insisted upon testifying before a committee on religious freedom. The issue was whether religious employers should be forced to pay for contraceptive coverage even if doing so would violate their consciences.

Not having obvious expertise in the field of religion, Ms. Fluke was denied a place on that panel. Never mind. Nancy Pelosi quickly assembled a quasi-panel, which Ms. Fluke, 30, told that she and other oppressed, female students needed Catholic institutions to foot the bill for contraception, the cost of which she put at $3,000 a year.

As Mark Steyn described her bravura performance:

The brave middle-aged schoolgirl had the courage to stand up in public and demand that someone else pay for her sex life.

But I digress…

What Ms. Fluke’s role as presidential introducer signifies—other than Ms. Fluke’s understandable desire to extend her fifteen minutes of fame—is that the Obama campaign still believes it can get mileage out of alleging a GOP “war on women” and that portraying that war in terms of a threat to contraception works.

This is dishonest in the extreme since the GOP has no interest in or intention of doing anything whatsoever about contraception. It does believe that religiously-based employers who consider contraception sinful should not be forced to pay for it. Other than the issue of religious liberty, contraception is a moot point for Republicans.

I can’t for the life of me understand why the Republicans and the Romney campaign haven’t done a better job of explaining this.

In a way, however, it must be said that Ms. Fluke is the ideal introducer for President Obama. She is the perfect Obama Woman: a member of an interest group (affluent feminists), who demand something for free that others, less affluent people, will help finance.

Oh, and she's a victim.