Sandra Fluke may not be Everywoman. But she is Obama Woman.

Why is the Georgetown law student and contraception activist–even more than the fictional Julia of the Obama campaign infomercial–the purest distillation of the values of the Obama Woman?

You need look no further than Ms. Fluke remarks yesterday introducing President Obama in Colorado. Here are a few insights into the nature of Obama Woman that may be gleaned from her remarks:

Believes the most important issue confronting women in 2012 is free contraception: Sure, the unemployment rate is 8.3 percent and economic growth has slowed to a pathetic 1.5 percent. Some reports say that unemployment among women has increased by 15 percent since President Obama took office. So, yeah, free contraception coverage is at the top of the list. Deep in his heart, President Obama knows that the contraception “issue” is useful as a distraction from talking about the economy. Sandra? Not so sure.     

Lives in a delusional world of sinister Republican threats: “We must remember that even though it’s 2012, we’re still having the debates that we thought were won before I was even born,” Ms. Fluke said yesterday. She is alluding to abortion and contraception. While Ms. Fluke is on firm ground when talking about abortion because the GOP platform has a plank relating to abortion, she is delusional if she really thinks that the Republicans have plans to make contraception illegal. Get a grip, girlfriend.

Not a subtle reasoner: Ms. Fluke can’t grasp the distinction between limiting access to contraception, which Republicans don't want to do, and making the Jesuits pay for contraception coverage. I would have thought this was easy to understand, but then I don’t have a law degree from one of the most expensive universities in the country.  

Belongs to a special interest group: Affluent feminists, who…go onto next category.

Wants something for free: Sandra reminds me of a well-to-do older friend of mine, a Georgetown resident, who was gung ho for Obamacare. I asked why she was so intense. “I am in the donut hole [the period each year when she must pay for her own prescriptions],” she said indignantly. “Something must be done.” Nuff said. 

Guilty of narcissism: Like her hero, Ms. Fluke sometimes gives the impression that she believes the world revolves around her (in his case, it does). Referring to radio host Rush Limbaugh’s unfortunate description of Ms. Fluke as a “slut” and “prostitute,” she said yesterday,I was verbally attacked. President Obama came to my defense. He had my back. Mr. Romney said only ‘those were not the words I would choose.’ Well, Mr. Romney, you’re not going to be the candidate I will choose.” Seriously, you don’t mean to tell me that Rush said something mean about Sandra Fluke, and the Romney campaign didn’t grind to a halt to console her? Say it ain't so, Mitt.(Rush Limbaugh, by the way, is now saying that he deserves a “finder’s fee” for bringing Ms. Fluke to our attention.)

Is in for a rude awakening: Ms. Fluke has been enjoying the idyll of a very expensive law school. A law degree from a fancy school isn't nearly as valuable as it used to be, however, and Ms. Fluke will soon be confronting the reality of a lousy job market. It’s true that the Obama administration has created all sorts of lucrative opportunities for tort lawyers ( see: Lilly Ledbetter Act, for example), but that's not the same as a thriving economy. Also, one of these days, if Obamacare is not repealed, Ms. Fluke could find herself being denied a medical procedure that some bureaucrat deems unnecessary. It is then she will learn what President Obama meant by choice.