Appearing on the Tonight Show last night (after being feted by her pals in Hollywood at a $2,500-a-head fundraiser), Mrs. Obama couldn't help but pester Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas for admitting she splurged (post competition) on a 300 calorie Egg McMuffin.  After Gabby revealed how she celebrated her medal win, Mrs. Obama is heard whispering to the young olympian "don't encourage that" and then says "I'm sure it was on a whole wheat bun."  Was it me or did Gabby Douglas look at the First Lady with that "chill out, lady" expression that teenagers are so good at delivering.

You know, Mrs. Obama missed a golden opportunity here.  Wouldn't it have been refreshing if she could have stepped off her soap box for ten seconds and said, "you know, this gal deserves a treat."  And heck, doesn't she?  She deserves to be locked in a Baskin Robbins for a week, if you ask me. 

And the finger wagging was a bit surprising, frankly, coming from the First Lady who admits she treats herself to a high-calorie treat now and then.  Her consumption of burgers, short ribs, and french fries is well known in Washington. And good for her. She clearly works out and eats healthy on most days. Why not occasionally indulge.  But as I've always suspected and as evidenced by her interaction with Gabby Douglas, Mrs. Obama has a "do as I say, not as I do" mentality.

The First Lady's scold also betrays something much more interesting: She hates anything coming from a fast food restaurant–even items that are considered on the healthier side, like Egg McMuffins.  And there's no denying those delicious breakfast sandwiches are pretty healthy.  Even well-known health food guide Eat This, Not That says the McDonalds breakfast sandwich "remains one of the best ways to start your day in the fast-food world."

Mrs. Obama's contempt for big business (particularly fast food restaurants) is pretty obvious.  It's just too bad she couldn’t contain it last night on the Late Show. Embarrassing young Gabby Douglas did nothing to move her agenda forward, it just made her look unreasonable and dare I say it…a bit of a bully.