Culture of Alarmism

Americans are bombarded with messages about how everyday products threaten their health and the health of their children.

The media hypes the findings from scientifically-dubious studies; politicians and government regulators seize on them to promote regulations that expand their power and so that they can reassure the public they are doing something to protect Americans. The costs of this dynamic are high: wasted tax dollars, higher costs and inferior goods for consumers, fewer jobs in companies navigating through red tape, and a needlessly worried, less free American populace.

We need strong voices to counteract this trend, to analyze and debunk studies with no application to real life, and to highlight the costs we pay for the over-regulation of American life in terms of higher prices, fewer choices, and less freedom. In particular, we need women who can speak to other women – the leading consumers of everything from groceries to cars – about these issues.