The first night of the convention – and especially the FLOTUS’s speech – put into sharp relief the two different visions for America being advanced this election.

While Democrats have embraced too-big government and are advocating for Washington to intervene in every aspect of our lives, from early childhood education to workplace regulations to health care, Republicans – certainly not pure free marketers – have advanced an agenda that presumes to rein in the progressive state and curb government back to its constitutional bounds.

Perhaps what was most disheartening about the speeches last night – and I suspect will be the theme of the entire convention – is that Democrats are willing to pit Americans against one another to win in November: men against women, rich against poor, big business against small business.

Come January we need to be able to move forward as one nation; but underneath all the rhetoric last night was class warfare, gender games, and identity politics – and I don’t see any “promise” in that.