When Dennis Miller appeared the other night on Jay Leno’s show, Leno brought up the “war on women.” Miller went ballistic. He made a great point:  it’s politically correct to talk about the so-called war on women but not to mention a “war on terror.”

Miller rehashed the appearance on Leno last night on the O’Reilly Factor–with a few choice words for Sandra Fluke. The Democrats obviously think Ms. Fluke, the Georgetown law student who was granted a prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic convention to talk about how she can't manage her—er—personal needs without federal intervention, is a feminist paragon. Not so, says Miller:

We're talking about a war on women with a woman who quite frankly reminds me of that character, the little whiny girl in Willy Wonka, Verunca Salt. 'Daddy, I want my own Oompa Loompa is code for, 'Hey, you, pay for my diaphragm.' People are sick of it.

Honey, you've become a retainer person after you get your law degree, not before. If the president is asking everybody to grab an oar and chip in here, yours should be, 'Stop whining about birth control for a while.' Grab that oar, take care of it. You're a 31-year-old woman whose stuck in a Virginia Slims magazine ad from 1968. Get with it. This will show you how stratified this country is right now.

If we can’t have unanimity on somebody like Sandra Fluke and say, 'For God’s sake, you helpless creature,’ we really are polarized because there is no other time in history that 100-percent of the population, including women, would have said, ‘Dammit, you don’t speak for me. You’re embarrassing me. Shut up, get a little Professor Quinn or Dr. Quinn, medicine woman gumption and shut up about it.

The video will brighten your day. A partial transcript is on Real Clear Politics.