New York Bans Sale of Big Size Sugary Drinks

Washington, D.C. — Popping, with a vote of 8-0, the New York City Board of Health approved Mayor Michael Bloomberg's far-reaching ban on the sale of large,sugar infused beverages in restaurants, fast food joints, delis, movie theaters, athletic venues and even food carts across the city – in what is the government's most substancial assault on calories to date.

The ban obstructs the selling of any cup or bottle of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces – smaller than the standard bottle of soda. The regulation,  the first in our country to take a reach at limiting the sugary drinks, takes effect in March.  

Companies – large and small – have a six months to comply with the ban before they are issued with steep fines. 

Julie Gunlock, Director of Women for Food Freedom at Independent Women's Forum, issued the following statement:

"The approval to ban large-sized sugary drinks sends a clear message to New Yorkers: you can't be trusted to make good decision about your diet so your choices will simply be taken away. 

"New Yorkers don't need a nanny telling them what they can and cannot eat.  They need a Mayor who is focused on making their city a better and safer place to live."

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