Oh Michelle. There you go again.

Appearing on Dr. "terrified of apple juice" Oz's laughable medical talk show, First Lady Michelle Obama went into full drama mode, shaking her head in agreement when Dr. "I love junk science" Oz suggested obesity was the greatest national security threat facing the United States.  She responded to Dr. "I live in a bubble" Oz's comment with an enthusiastic "absolutely," and followed up with more doom and gloom stories about Americans' ever expanding waistlines.

Now, I have no idea when this episode of the Dr. Ding Bat show was filmed. My understanding is that they produce episodes of these talk shows way in advance but the suggestion that double chins and belly flab are a bigger threat to Americans in light of the dangerous situation in Egypt and the tragedy in Libya, is particularly grating.  

It's somewhat shocking that the episode was even aired, particularly this week.  I mean, with all the pull the White House has with the media and with their well-known bullying tactics (Gallup knows something about this), one wonders why they didn't call over to Dr. Oz's show to request a later airing.  Surely the drooling Dr. Oz would have complied.

It's understandable that Michelle Obama's in the dark about the real threats facing our country. She's not the President.  She can easily find time to garden, visit school cafeterias, run a couple of miles on her treadmill in the White House gym. In other words, her finger isn’t anywhere near the button.  But her out of touch assessment of the country's security situation also proves she's not discussing these issues with her husband either.  Of course, he'd have to actually attend his national security briefings in order to engage in pillow talk on these matters.