The unedited Romney tape. [David Corn]

The secret videographer "didn't go looking to get Romney," Corn said. [Howard Kurtz]

Romney adviser Kevin Madden said the video "has to" blow over, because "voters I think are really focused on the big issues related on the economy and the direction of the country." [Seema Mehta]

Elizabeth Warren says Romney "wrote off half the American people as deadbeats." [Greg Sargent]

Woe is Mitt. [Alexander Burns]

Rep. Charlie Rangel said poor people, in effect, pay a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney. [Nick Reisman]

Ed Koch, now lukewarm on Obama's support for Israel. [Colin Campbell]


The firemen's union endorsed Republican Rep. Michael Grimm for re-election. [Celeste Katz]


If the pro-gay marriage Republican, Roy McDonald, loses his primary, his formerly long-shot Democratic opponent, Robin Andrews, could get a windfall of support. [Rick Karlin]


Cuomo will use federal funds as wage subsidies for companies that hire new employees. [Rick Karlin]

Cuomo told agency heads to expect "zero growth" in the upcoming budget. [@GblainNYDN]

City Hall

Despite the hysterical media coverage, the number of shootings in New York City was pretty low. [Ruby Cramer]

"New Yorkers should ask themselves: Is it the role of government to force citizens to do or 'understand' anything?" [Julie Gunlock]

City Council

This year's legislative calendar will be noteworthy because of a handful of thorny issues and number of term-limited Council members making this their last hurrah. [Cristian Salazar]

Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. wants a "wall of shame" at the MTA. [Facebook]