Here is some advice to the Romney campaign from Pejman Yousefzadeh, who is pessimistic about the Republican’s chances, over at Ricochet:

But one of the best things that Romney could do in order to make a political comeback is to spend his vast campaign wealth on political ads that make him out to be a good and decent human being. Pro-Romney Super PACs would be well-advised to do the same thing. And you know what? Those ads would have the virtue of being true.

But isn’t this just what the bounce-less Republican Convention did? It’s unfair that the Obama campaign has painted Romney, by all fair accounts a nice man, so viciously. But there are more important matters to be discussed right now than whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama would make a better nurse to a sick voter.

This is an election that will determine whether the U.S. becomes a dependency society or returns to an ethic of self-reliance. So no more Mr. Nice Guy stuff—let’s talk issues.