It is perfectly clear that the woman in this YouTube must see video clip (which Charlotte wrote about here) does not represent all Americans who are net tax recipients – or even the majority.

As we all know, and if we did not know, we learned as the conservative pundit class schooled Mitt Romney on who, precisely, the ”47%” are, many people use various welfare benefits for a time, as they climb out of poverty, or get back on track after a setback.  But we also know that there is a permanent underclass in America, consisting of people who are able bodied, but lack motivation to use available free resources (Public Schools!) to acquire skills, join the economy and support themselves. And we also know that, since the Great Society of the mid 1960s, Democrats have worked to turn these citizens into their permanent base.

Welfare was one step. To be sure, in dealing with the least self-sufficient among us, and vulnerable children, it may have been hard to design a program that would not have destroyed the family as an unintended consequence.  Work requirements were supposed to change incentives. And, to some extent, perhaps they did. Though the simultaneous end of marriage as a prerequisite to childbearing across the society, hasn’t really made things better – even before this everlasting recession pulled the legs out from under the idea of “work.”

Still, President Obama has taken a system in which the interplay of incentives – “Come and get it. For free.” is a fair summary of those incentives – and human nature has produced the woman in the repellant, mesmerizing video.  She is the new poster girl for entitlement, and what it means to have your vote bought and paid for. Tammany Hall gave out turkeys – paid for out of the profits of corruption. The Obama Administration gives out phones – on the taxpayer dime. Turns out the latter is a worse abuse.

Finally, in case you want to argue about how fair or not it is to regard this one video as representative, please note that, while she may not seem especially well educated, she is entirely conscious of the fact that the only requirement for getting the free “Obama-phone,” is ‘low income.’ And she knows perfectly well what documents she has to submit to make that happen. And, she will always vote for President Obama because he gave her a phone, and is going to give her "more stuff” – and Romney, who did not, “sucks.”  

So, how hard are you willing to work to make sure that this deserving citizen has a phone? Maybe an Iphone? Hell, give her a free IPad. Why not? It’s free.