Today’s must-read is the Wall Street Journal editorial today on regrets from two men whose votes made Obamacare a reality. 

While neither Senator James Webb of Virginia and former Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, who were both 60th votes, has disavoted Obamacare, both are expressing regrets. You can read Bayh’s impassioned call to repeal the disastrous tax on medical devices here. Webb’s regrets are more procedural—Republican concerns should not have been dismissed. Ya think.

But here’s the bottom line:

Messrs. Webb and Bayh can lament what might have been, but the bitter truth is that the only way voters can undo their damage is by defeating Mr. Obama in November and electing a Republican Senate.

Otherwise, both men will have left their country economically weaker and health care less affordable than it was when they decided to run for office. That should be their real regret.

As disheartening, the 60 vote majority was the result of missteps and a smidgen of voter fraud. But your children may be paying for it the rest of their lives, if it is not repealed, and ironically, older people, who rely on Medicare, may find that system crippled because of Obamacare.