A Charles Carroll High school sophomore got a real dressing down during a recent “dress down” day. Why? She dared to wear a Mitt Romney for President T-shirt to her Port Richmond, Pennsylvania, school. As Philly.com reported:

Samantha Pawlucy, a sophomore at Carroll, said her geometry teacher publicly humiliated her Friday by asking why she was wearing a Romney/Ryan T-shirt and going into the hallway to urge other teachers and students to mock her."I was really embarrassed and shocked…”

Pawlucy said she decided to wear the shirt after researching the candidate and President Obama and concluding that she was a Romney supporter. Her father, Richard, said she was especially interested in Romney's opposition to late-term abortion….

Samantha Pawlucy said that after going into the hall, her teacher called into the classroom a nonteaching assistant who tried to write on the T-shirt with a marker. She allegedly told the teen to remove her shirt and said she would be given another.

Pawlucy said her teacher told her that Carroll was a "Democratic school" and that wearing a Republican shirt was akin to the teacher, who is black, wearing a KKK shirt…

Her parents met Monday with Joyce Hoag, the principal. Richard Pawlucy said that during the meeting, the teacher insisted she had been joking, then stormed out and left the school.

An investigation is pending and the teacher has been removed from Samantha’s class. But as the school gets its democratic house in order, consider this message from Carroll High principal Joyce A. Hoog:

Welcome to the Charles Carroll High School. It is our hope that the time you spend here will be rewarding and filled with much success. We pledge to provide you with an academic environment where learning can flourish. We will provide the instruction and guidance required to enable you to succeed and reach your goals. We also pledge to communicate to our parents and guardians in numerous ways throughout the school year…It is our philosophy and belief that every student can reach their full potential if the right opportunities and supports are in place.

As long as students don’t run afoul of their math teachers’ political preferences, that is.