To the extent that polls are still to be taken seriously, a new Pew poll has fascinating findings about the gender gap: it has vanished, despite the Obama campaign’s relentless pitch of a so-called War on Women:

Currently, women are evenly divided (47% Obama, 47% Romney). Last month, Obama led Romney by 18 points (56% to 38%) among women likely voters.

A devastated Andrew Sullivan, who has been doing a lot of handwringing since the first presidential debate, calls the gender gap President Obama’s “firewall” and admits that it has evaporated.

If the Pew poll is right, it means that women are weighing the real issues as opposed to being swayed by a campaign that includes a disgusting and condescending admonition to women to “vote your lady parts.”

The idea that forcing the Jesuits to pay for Sandra Fluke’s free contraception is less important than a decent job and an economy that provides opportunity seems to be an idea whose time is fast arriving.