Talk radio host Mark Belling of 1130 WISN recently received a heartfelt letter from a distraught New Berlin, Wisconsin, Mom. released the text of that letter below:

Mark, I’m not sure what to do with this one. My son just got off the bus today and told me that I will need to pick him up from school because he never wants to ride the bus again.

 Here’s what happened. We’ve had a Romney/Ryan yard sign in our yard for the past two weeks. My son, who is 12, told me a few times in these past couple of weeks that the bus driver has been making rude comments about us being Romney supporters, rich, etc.

Well, today they were having another discussion on politics, and she (the driver) was stating that Obama had made the unemployment rate go down, etc. He told her that Obama is pro-abortion, and this is what she said to him: “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.”

My son was extremely upset by this. There are witnesses to the event that I called. They are all verifying this with written statements, which I am compiling. Mark, please let me know what I should do about this.

At Belling’s urging the mother contacted the company that employs the bus driver, Durham School Services. In response, available on Belling’s website, the company fired the driver for her “insensitive and inappropriate” remark. The student attends a local Catholic school, and apparently the former driver was a 20-year veteran with a spotless record.

The good news is, the driver was fired right away—no rubber rooms, no reassignments.

Back at Philadelphia’s Carroll High, where last month a teacher blasted sophomore Samantha Pawlucy for wearing a Romney T-shirt, supporters held a rally for Pawlucy, who returned briefly after taking a few days off. The teacher in question wrote an apology letter, but is so far still at the school.

Pawlucy’s parents have decided that she and her sisters will go to a local charter school rather than return to Carroll High.