Romney Strengthens Standing Among Women in Key Swing States

Schaeffer: "[I]t's time the Left puts their strategy of distraction aside."

(Washington, D.C.) – With 22 days until the Presidential Election, new polling from USA Today/Gallup further indicates that the competition to score women's interest has shifted among the candidates, nearly closing the gender gap.  Mitt Romney continues to strengthen his standing among likely female voters in the nation's top battleground states – now even with President Obama at 48 percent.

Sabrina Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Independent Women's Forum and co-author of Liberty is No War on Women, issued the following statement:

The "War on Women" is out of ammunition and it's time that the Left put their strategy of distraction aside.  New polling reminds us that most women are not interested in playing identity politics.  Contrary to what the Left has tried to claim, women's and men's interests are not in conflict.  Women care about the same issues that men care about, namely economic growth and job creation.  Perhaps even more important than the gender split, however, is the rise in enthusiasm among Republican voters — especially among married women — who will likely turn out in greater numbers for Gov. Romney.  Despite the fact that Democrats have expended a lot of political capital shoring up a key constituency — single women — it may not translate into higher turnout on Election Day.

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