Does anyone want to hurl?

That's how Megyn Kelly introduces a Fox News segment on President Obama’s pitch to women last night. POTUS talked about the “issue” of contraception and Mitt Romney's dastardly plan to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood, where CEO Cecile Richards is pulling down $400, 000 a year.

Kristin Powers of Fox and the Daily Beast, who must be increasingly less welcome at the liberal watercooler these days, makes the compelling point that women are “actually more than our vaginas, believe it or not.”

Actually, we at IWF do believe it because we’ve been pushing the notion that women benefit from the free market more than from the nanny state for years. It will be an irony if the year this message hits home is the one in which the Obama campaign has built a large part of its hope for reelection on pushing a phony "War on Women" based our "lady parts."

But do take a look