With only 15 days left in the election, both candidates are neck and neck racing for voters in swing states. Romney has experienced a large surge during the debates, which he and Ryan handled surprisingly well. As Romney gains women voters, America prepares for the last and final debate tonight, which could swing the election one way or the other.

Tonight’s focus will be on foreign policy. Specifically, the 5 topics include America's role in the world, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Israel and Iran, terrorism (which will be debated twice) and the rise of China.

Many believe if neither candidate flubs, the debate could have negligible effects on the outcome of the election. After all, the Economist reveals few voters will cast their ballots based on terrorism — a focus of the debate.

However, the debate will cover many topics Americans care deeply about and have yet to receive clear answers from either candidate: how will candidates handle China’s unwillingness to play fair regarding currency manipulation and trade? Can either candidate account for their policies toward Israel and Palestine? Why are we left with so many questions regarding the Libya assassination, and why were security requests ignored? Furthermore, I would love to hear how each president would navigate Europe’s economic downturns that directly impact our export capabilities.

The debate may not sway the nation, but it will definitely reveal more answers to serious policy questions. Unlike other debates, in which each candidate has had to prove he is a proficient debater, Americans are watching tonight’s debate for substance, as they should.