Okay, this story is just too much fun not mention: Is [Vogue editor] Anna Wintour Pressuring Designers to Steer Clear of Ann Romney?

The story notes:

"Honored to see First Lady Michelle Obama wearing our Spring 2013 dress at the final presidential debate," boasted the Twitter account of fashion label Thom Browne soon after Monday night's debate. Yet over at the Twitter account of OscarPRGirl, the official publicist for Oscar de la Renta, not a word was uttered about the fact that Ann Romney had donned a dark teal dress from the designer's collection. 

But that's nothing new. 

Designers, stylists and fashion industry publicists routinely clamor to outfit First Lady Michelle Obama, with press releases flying out the door any time she sports a certain brand. Fashion publications praise her designer selections and several books have been published that are solely devoted to analyzing her style and taste.

However, the fashion world has remained particularly quiet on the Ann Romney fashion front, with many questioning whether or not outspoken Obama supporter Anna Wintour is keeping stylists and designers away, silently threatening their standing should they endeavor to promote their outfitting of the wife of a Republican presidential hopeful.

Over the past year, the Vogue matriarch – who many say has enough power to make or break fashion careers – has become one of President Obama’s leading financiers. Wintour has raised over half a million dollars for the incumbent, hosted numerous lavish dinners in his name and even enlisted designer pals like Marc Jacobs and Thakoon Panichgul to design pro-Obama products.

It is impossible to wax indignant about this. If true (and, as a former gossip columnist, I can say that it has the ring of truth) it’s just too hilarious to anger anyone.

Just worth noting, however, that if Mitt Romney is elected, Wintour, who was the model for the nasty editor in “The Devil Wears Prada,” will have less power to block designers bragging that the first lady wears their clothes.

Word has it that, if President Obama gets a second term, Ms. Wintour would like to be an ambassador—scary prospect for some poor country.

Please, no devil jokes.