Just want to quickly call your attention this morning to “Wooing Women,” a must-read article by Karlyn Bowman and Jennifer Marsico:

Though women tend to be more Democratic and men tend to be more Republican, it’s wrong to paint women as a solidly progressive voting bloc concerned mostly about abortion and contraception.

A quick look at the Romney and Obama campaign stores is proof that these candidates are reaching out to two distinctly different groups of women. While Romney’s store offers women’s items emblazoned with “moms drive the economy,” Obama’s focuses on a woman’s right to choose.

Romney and the Republicans appeal to married women; Obama and the Democrats to young, single women (who tend to be a more unreliable bloc at the polls). Suburban women are important to both campaigns, though, since more than half of all Americans live in the suburbs.

Karin also has a terrific post on Inkwell saying that President Obama and Mitt Romney are pulling even among women.