Jessica Valenti’s piece in the UK Guardian, Why American Women Need Obama, pretty much boils down to one argument:  A President Romney might curtail abortion rights.  Nevermind that feminists gave the same warnings that George W. Bush was “turning back the clock” and waging a “war on women” and “threatened abortion rights,” and somehow American women survived those dark times. 

Valenti dismisses the idea that women voters’ primary concern in this election is the economy, by saying that economic concerns are really reproductive concerns, because the ability to control how many children you have is a key economic factor. 

American women are unlikely to be convinced.  Rational people simply don’t accept the cartoonish, dystopian vision pushed by feminists that a Romney-presidency would have the government snatching birth control out of women’s hands so we all become baby machines.  Few people have noticed any policy changes that impact their reproductive lives between the Bush and Obama presidencies, correctly assume that that party of life would continue as usual under a President Romney, and are really more concerned about having a job than whether they have a $5 copay for the pill.      

And in fact, polls have shown that the economy is the number one issue for women.  While Valenti and her fellow leftist feminisms don’t seem to want to take women at their word, and assume that all American women are obsessed exclusively with their “lady parties,” I think we can trust that when women say the economy they mean intractable unemployment, slow growth, and rising prices.  And that’s why so many women have become more open to supporting the relentlessly reasonable President Romney, rather than President Obama whose economic plan has been such a complete failure. 

Valenti tip-toes into more mainstream health care suggesting that repealing ObamaCare would be a disaster because there are as many 45,000 yearly preventable deaths due to the lack of health insurance.  If Valenti somehow thinks that ObamaCare will really solve the problem of the uninsured, then she should check out this recent analysis from the Congressional Budget Office that 30 million Americans will remain uninsured after ObamaCare has been fully implemented. That’s right, if the purpose of ObamaCare was really to solve the problem of the uninsured then indeed it will be a dismal failure. 

In fact, Valenti should test her knowledge about the real effects of OBamaCare, visit