Yesterday was a good day for food freedom. Voters in two California towns rejected soda tax proposals by enormous margins. The proposals were rejected by 76 percent of voters in El Monte, CA and by 68 percent of voters in Richmond, CA.  That's a significant victory.

California voters also roundly rejected Prob. 37, a ballot initiative that, if passed, would have required labeling of genetically modified food. Women for Food Freedom rejects any government mandated labeling and believes consumers are already given a variety of choices by food manufacturers many of whom already voluntarily label their food. In addition, we fear Prop. 37 would have been a boon for trial lawyers who have exploited other "mandatory labeling" laws like Prop. 65 which passed nearly 30 years ago and requires businesses to proclaim the food/beverages they serve (or the containers in which the food is served) may contain "toxic substances."  Prop. 65 has provided a cottage industry to lawyers who play gotcha with businesses who fail to comply with the nonsensical regulation. WfFF believes Prop. 37 would have been used similarly.

All in all, last night proved a good day for food freedom as voters declared bigger government is unnecessary in making good and informed decisions about their own nutrition.

That's a reason to celebrate.