If there is good news in the election results, it's that the idea that politicians can't talk about changes to entitlement programs, like Medicare and Social Security, has been debunked.  As Grover Norquist wrote on National Review:

The Republican House was reelected after not just touching but fondling the “third rail of American politics.” It is clear that if you are specific about your reforms they cannot as easily be misrepresented to voters. The Republicans in the House all voted for Ryan. They lashed themselves to the mast and thrived.

So the good news is that "Mediscare" didn't work. 

The bad news is it appears that "The War on Women" did.  Exit polls show that women are responsible for putting President Obama back in the White House. Men would have elected President Romney. 

This means that it is absolutely essential that those in the freedom movement focus on expanding all efforts to educate women about the benefits of limited government and individual liberty.  I happen to know just the group that's up to this challenge.