Conservative women: Would you go so far as calling Election 2012 a "disaster"? Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women's Forum would, and did, saying: "There’s no way of sugar-coating it. This election was a disaster for the GOP when it came to women."

Two young women we caught up with at the RNC this summer. Read what they had to say here.

The IWF, helped off the ground by former Second Lady Lynne Cheney, describes their mission "to expand the conservative coalition, both by increasing the number of women who understand and value the benefits of limited government, personal liberty, and free markets, and by countering those who seek to ever-expand government in the name of protecting women."

The group's statement, titled, "DISASTER: WOMEN DON’T TRUST GOP", acknowledged the double-digit gender gap that helped to send President Obama back to the White House for a second term, saying female voters had "not heard the conservative message."

Schaeffer also said:

"The fact is, despite the Administration’s record of massive deficits, intractable unemployment, and a rising cost-of-living, women continue to run toward the arms of the state. And it’s because they are not hearing our message.

“Conservatives shy away from playing gender politics – which is a good thing – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to think seriously about how to market to and talk to women!

“We have got to get out there and make it clear to women how limited government, personal responsibility, and free markets will actually give them more freedom, more choice, more opportunity, and more security

“Conservatives need to get out there and talk face-to-face to women and make it clear that Liberty is No War on Women.”

Conservative women, here's a great opportunity to talk about your party in the 2012 election cycle and going forward. Throughout the election, do you feel like the GOP addressed you and your concerns, and do you feel like they spoke to you? Or, do you feel like there's a big opportunity for your party to step up and make a place for you over the next four years?